Today’s PARK brewery

The tradition-steeped PARK brewery is a medium-sized regional brewery with over 130 years of brewing tradition.

With a wide variety of tasty beers PARK has always quenched the thirst not only of the people living in the Western Palatinate. Anyone living there has it easy when it comes to choosing beer.

The first brewery in Pirmasens has been brewing unique beers since its foundation in 1888. The art of brewing, handed down from generation to generation, works hand in hand with the most modern technology. Last but not least, it is also the high-quality raw materials from our region that ensure the unmistakable taste and the best PARK quality.

With attractive and versatile equipment, PARK supports the local gastronomy as well as numerous events in the region. The company's own logistics with state-of-the-art trucks bring our products safely and environmentally friendly to all clients. The knowledge of our employees also makes us a strong partner for the success of large and small events in the region.

In addition to its beer, PARK stands for a whole region and the connection with its people. Therefore PARK is a welcome guest wherever people of the region come together.

“PARK is part of our nature” – a slogan that is lived. It is a commitment to the sustainable use of our raw materials, a commitment to the people in the region and to our homeland.