An eventful history: 1888 – 1945


In September the Parkbrauerei is founded as a stock company under the company name “Parkbrauerei Zweibrücken”, formerly “Schmidt-Jacoby” with a share capital of 725,000 Marks. In December a merger takes place with the Pirmasens-based brewery “Zum Park” owned by Jacob Seitz. The stock company “Parkbrauereien Zweibrücken-Pirmasens”, formerly Schmidt-Jacoby and Seitz with a share capital of 1,200,000 DM and 73 employees is formed.


A merger with the Zweibrücken-based incorporated brewery “Tivoli” takes place. The output rises to 107,000 hl per year.


Jacob Seitz retires and becomes a member of the supervisory board. The management board is taken over by Wilhelm Lesoine and Heinrich Seitz. This year the brewery merges with "Pirmasenser Bürgerbräu AG", formerly Semmler. Until then, the output has totalled 50,000 hl per year. The new name "Park- und Bürgerbräu AG" is registered.


With an annual output of 200,000 hl per year the “Park- und Bürgerbräu AG” is the largest brewery in the Palatinate.


The output rises from 87,000 to 155,000 hl per year. As a result of the global economic crisis in 1932, the output is reduced to 92,000 hl per year.


The brewery celebrates its 50th anniversary as a stock company and changes its name to "Parkbrauerei AG Pirmasens-Zweibrücken" and introduces the new trademark - the “P-Männchen”. The highest output to date of 238,000 hl per year is recorded.


In Pirmasens up to 75 % of the brewery is destroyed and there are also severe damages in Zweibrücken. With strength and courage the brewery restarted production.

An eventful history: 1947 – 1992


Due to an import ban on goods from Germany, the Saarland was again lost as a sales region.


With the introduction of the Deutsche Mark the brewery reprinted and issued its shares. The opening balance sheet had a share capital of 2,000,000 DM.

1951 – 1963

Development of the per capita beer consumption (approximate data)

  • 1951: 40 litres per year
  • 1954: 58 litres per year
  • 1958: 82 litres per year
  • 1963: 114 litres per year


For the first time since 1940 an output of over 200,000 (approx. 224,000) hl per year was generated. The Saarland became a member of the Federal Republic of Germany.


The "Parkbrauerei AG Pirmasens-Zweibrücken" celebrates its 75th anniversary.


PARK takes over the Mannheim-Seckenheim-based brewery “Brauerei Pfisterer“.


An output of 515,000 hl per year is generated.


In Pirmasens the new brewhouse is put into operation.


The takeover of the brewery “Rheingönheimer” specialised in brewing wheat beer takes place.

An eventful history: 1993 – 2009


The product line was revised and is now distributed under the trademark PARK. This includes PARK Pils, PARK Primus, PARK Export, PARK Weizen, PARK Pirminator, PARK Leicht and PARK Frei.


The quality management system is certified according to the DIN-ISO 900.


In May the product line is extended. The new products PARK Radler and PARK Schwarzbock came onto the market.
On the 5th of December the takeover of BELLHEIMER Privatbrauerei K. Silbernagel AG and BELLARIS takes place.


On a sunny day in spring the new trucks are baptised.


The ACRTIS AG takes over the majority of shares.


VALENTINS Weissbier starts its triumphant success in the beer gardens all over the Palatinate.


The “PARK Grill Open” with Axel Schulz attracts thousands of visitors to Pirmasens.


The anniversary beer “1888” takes the hearts of the people living in the Western Palatinate by storm.
A special crown cap event with 500 HL of free beer for the participating municipalities is held.


The new advertising campaign “PARK liegt in unserer Natur” (PARK is part of our nature) starts successfully. New labels for the complete product line are launched.

An eventful history: 2010 – present


The PARK brewery regains its independence and Roald Pauli takes over the majority of shares.
The brewery focuses again on the region and first modernisations are carried out, e.g. the PARK divisible crate is introduced.
The first PARKtoberfest with stars on stage attracts several thousand visitors to a sold-out exhibition hall.


On a day with fantastic weather the first PARK company run in the city centre of Pirmasens inspired more than 600 runners.


The PARK brewery celebrates its 125th anniversary.
On this occasion PARK Spezial was brewed, and bottled in the traditional 0.5L flip-top bottle.


Further investments point the way of the PARK brewery into the future.
The complete vehicle fleet is renewed with the most modern trucks.

The new brewhouse control system goes into operation. The high demands and the assurance of quality support the brewers using the most modern technology.


The new in-house steam generation system has been installed and goes into operation.
The digitally controlled and ultra-modern system is perfectly integrated into the existing production process.
This system is a long-sighted and sustainable investment for the future.